Staff Council Meeting Minutes – September 2019

Staff Council met on Thursday, September 19, 2109 at 8:30AM in Lakeside 101/102. Below are the meeting minutes (to be approved at the October 17, 2019 Staff Council Meeting) for your review. Minutes can also be found on the K: Drive, located at K:\Staff Council\Staff Council – Meeting Minutes. Please send any recommended revisions to Tara Arneson at prior to the October 17 meeting.


I. Welcome- call meeting to order (Shaylea Scribner, President, Staff Council)

II. New Employee Announcements
•  Susan Waryck – Dean of Students, Student Affairs
•  Timothy Van Woert – Director, Physical Plant
•  Allison Dorris – Student Accounts Representative, Student Accounts

III. Approval of the May 2019 meeting minutes (see on Staff Council Blog )
•  A motion was made to approve, motion was seconded, and the May meeting minutes were unanimously approved

IV. Introduction of Executive Committee, Officers, Committees, and College Council Reps
See this webpage

V. Priorities for 2019-2020
•  Recognition of staff
•  Professional development
•  Bylaws
•  Building Community
•  Strengthen relationship with President’s Cabinet
•  Equity for staff
•  Communication to staff/from staff
•  Staff Council meeting structure
If you have agenda suggestions OR questions that you’d like asked (at Town Halls, etc.) please send them to me or any of the Executive Committee members

VI. Getting to know…Dr. Catherine Morgan, Acting Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
•  Catherine began her time at Staff Council by introducing herself and letting staff know that this is not her first time at Champlain College. Catherine has retired multiple times in her vast academic career and agreed to leave retirement once more for her current position. Catherine is the author of the Morgan Report, which is a report she created during her initial time at Champlain.
•  Catherine’s philosophy is that she is not just here to occupy a seat while the College searches for a new president. There is hard work that needs to be done and she is invested in doing it.
•  Catherine’s 3 primary goals are: academic program review, structures of academics at Champlain, and work on systems and processes at the College.
1.  The academic program review initiative will study the viability of Champlain’s academic programs. This process has not started yet and will have 3 phases. The first phase is to establish an objective set of measures with the deans to audit the programs. The second phase will create 2 committees of faculty members to review the programs and apply the objective criteria set forth in phase 1. The third phase will implement the recommendations of the faculty committees. CCO will be going through a parallel process, led by Johnna Herrick-Phelps, Assistant Provost for Online Education.
2.  Catherine stated that Champlain academics are organized in silos, which causes them to calcify and get stale. Champlain is not strong at interdisciplinary and as the structure of our academics are examined, the hope is to produce a new academic model that will make Champlain more competitive.
3.  The Academic Systems Team is comprised of: Corinne Novetti, Josh Blumberg, Kellie Nadeau, and Tara Arneson. The Team is led by Jennifer Nicholls and have the group has been tasked with streamlining and simplifying Champlain’s systems and processes. The primary focus is on things that frustrate faculty with their student work.
•  Catherine has an open door policy and can be located on the third floor of Freeman Hall

VII.  Student Supervisor Round Table and Canvas Training for Student Workers. Group is comprised of Sarah Camille Wilson, Lauren Bruneau and Mark Zammuto
•  Champlain is its own biggest consumer, hiring and supervising over 600 student worker positions. Of those 600, half hold more than 1 position. There are around 80-90 supervisors on campus.
•  This round table was primarily created because staff managers can engage in the Managers Round Table (MRT) but student worker supervisors did not have anything comparable.
•  This group created a Canvas training for student workers. The 3 main topics in the training are: student communication, productivity, and overall professionalism. As of the September 19 meeting, 90 student workers had completed the training.

VII.  Committee Speed Networking – 3 committees and 10 minutes. Learn who they are, what the committee does, sign-up, and/or provide suggestions for topics and projects.
• Communication & Engagement Committee:
This committee will welcome new staff to Champlain, educate them about Staff Council, and inform them of opportunities to get more involved. It will collaborate with the other committees of Staff Council and The People Center as well as foster an environment that enhances engagement and collaboration throughout campus.
Specific duties include:
– Overseeing the New Staff Ambassador Program
– Conducting the Staff Council segment at new employee orientations
– Updating all relevant resource guides, web pages, and the Staff Council blog
– Assisting in the call for nominations and selection of the Staff Council Award
– Annual nomination process for open Staff Council positions

Thoughts & Feedback from Speed Dating:

•  Make Staff Ambassador program more structured in goals and outcomes
•  More flexibility of options for where & how staff ambassador “lunches” take place
Not just lunch to keep in mind many employees do not all work 9-5
Can this relationship be more sustaining that goes beyond just lunch.
Could the expectations for being an ambassador be made more clear so that they can be universally and         evenly applied?
Many people see the benefits of having an individual outside of their department to connect with
Be intentional in our pairings – but what does that criteria look like?
•  Feature new staff on blog with photo, background & a couple of fun facts → link to blog post in people             center new hires section – Kaylee in Marketing
•  Promote shout-outs in people center updates. Link to blog on people center updates
•  Partner with new employee orientation? – Howie in People Center heads this up and is willing to partner but he will speak with Jennifer if she has someone in mind to participate in this committee
New employee orientation happens monthly, on the first Monday – how can we partner to have a voice in         that? Could all staff ambassadors show up for the coffee break to say hi to their assigned buddy? Or a             few show up to meet with new staff?
•  People Center could maybe start doing 2 newsletters – one would be focused on culture – including shout outs, new staff etc.
•  Spoke about perhaps condensing the locations where information is doubled up – what are people looking for and where is it currently on the website?

•  Staff Welfare Committee:
Very few questions asked at Speed Dating. Committee gave a run down as to their current projects and what they worked on in the past.
There was single question asked about the Cigna Wellness program

•  Staff Networking Committee
During our conversation, we introduced what the Staff networking committee was and the events that we typically host. After a brief overview, we went into brainstorming ideas of what networking opportunities people would like to see, what days of the week work best for people and what time of the day works best for people’s schedules. At the end I informed anyone with further ideas to reach out to me via email and if anyone wanted to join the committee to let me know.

Event Ideas
Voting education and groups of people getting together to go vote together
Bringing back the Holiday Hoopla where people used to sell their crafts and other items.
Keeping the Gingerbread Decorating event
Lakeside parking spot garage sale
Book swaps – they could be themed (for example biking books) etc. It will bring people together with common interests.
BBQ in the lakeside parking lot
Lunch Bunch
Groups for people taking the same online courses to get together as well as people who have already completed the degrees to give advice
Communicating and networking about what peoples roles are at the college – in various areas (bring your lunch)
Friday St. johns club get-togethers
Volunteer Opportunities
Skill sharing (outside of job responsibilities)
What hours work best?
During work hours
Morning 9-12 during work
A mixture so that we can fit as many peoples needs as possible throughout the year

Link to Zoom Meeting