Staff Council Meeting Minutes – October 2019

Staff Council met on Thursday, October 17, 2109 at 9AM in the Alumni Auditorium. Below are the meeting minutes (to be approved at the November 21, 2019 Staff Council Meeting) for your review. Minutes can also be found on the K: Drive, located at K:\Staff Council\Staff Council – Meeting Minutes. Please send any recommended revisions to Tara Arneson at prior to the November 21 meeting.

I.     Welcome and call meeting to order (Jared Cadrette, Vice President, Staff Council)

II.    New Employee Announcements
•  Kelsea Moulton, Administrative Coordinator, President’s Office
•  Will Brookey, Facilities Coordinator, Events Center

III.   Approval of the September 2019 meeting minutes (see on Staff Council Blog)
•  A motion was made to approve, motion was seconded, and the September meeting minutes were                    unanimously approved

IV.   Staff Council Bylaws (Shaylea Scribner, President, Staff Council)
•  An ad-hoc group of Staff Council met several times over the summer to update the Staff Council By-               Laws
•  Primary by-law changes were: edits to language used so that current practices were reflected;                         structural changes to the Council so that there are now 6 Representatives instead of 3 Board                           Members;  Board Member name changed to Representative; the Representatives will have 3 positions           elected every year and there is carry-over in each committee
•  No questions were asked
•  A motion was made to approve the By-Law changes, the motion was seconded and the updated By-               Laws were approved
•  Read the updated By-Laws here
•  A motion was then made to have the current representatives (Sarah Camille Wilson, Leah Miller and               Danielle L’esperance) elected to a 2 year term ending in 2021
•  The motion was seconded and approved

V.     JED Campus – (Susan Waryck, Dean of Students)
•  JED Campus Presentation
•  The JED Foundation is a national organization that works with institutions and helps students in their               wellbeing. This includes mental health, suicide prevention and substance abuse.
•  Allows Champlain to collaborate with clinicians and staff of the JED Campus Team
•  JED Campus provides a strategic approach to mental health and Champlain has dedicated 4 years
•  We will be completing a JED Campus Self Assessment so that JED can provide feedback
•  Initiating a student survey the week of November November 4 and campus visit could be as early as               February 2020
•  Champlain’s team was launched in September 2019 based on the prescribed membership from JED               (see presentation for members)

VI.  The People Center (Jennifer Archambault, VP of Human Resources)
•  The People Center Presentation
•  Jennifer A. meets with Shaylea Scribner, as Staff Council President, regularly to collaborate with Staff             Council and align the People Center and Staff Council
•  Oracle HCM updates
1.  Timeline has been moved several times and “go live” date is now March 2020
2.  User acceptance testing (UAT) is slated for December.
3.  Business Process Review with PC and super users
4.  HCM is a priority and the People Center is asking that we are all patient with them during a very                      busy time
•  2020 Benefits
1.  New benefits plan give choice with medical, dental, and vision plans
2.  Open Enrollment is November 1 – November 15, you must do something!
3.  Active enrollment and everyone must meet with Hodges and Mace Benefit Counselors to either                        enroll or decline. 30 minute meetings and everyone gets a $50 Visa giftcard for participating!
•  Employee Learning and Development
1.  Work is derived from Modern Think Survey, exit interviews, and Champlain 2025 research
2.  Creates a culture of learning and promotes employee growth and development
3.  Primary examples are: Dare U, Coaching, and Leadership Development Program
4.  DARE U relaunch and redesign – check out the website! You can learn online or on campus
5.  NEW: Book It Forward! Want to recognize a colleague for going above and beyond? Nominate them               for a book to show appreciation for the work they do.
•  People Center Roles and Structure
1.  Jennifer Archambault, VP of Human Resources
2.  Andrew Dubuque, Manager, People Services (GMHEC)
3.  Jackie Greer, Senior HRIS Analyst (GMHEC)
4.  Frank Weidman, Payroll Specialist (moving to Finance)
5.  Debra Sailer Dayman, Benefits Director
6.  Sara Quintana, Associate Director of Talent and Engagement
7.  Emily Winauski, People Services Specialist
8.  Howie LeBlanco, Talent and Organizational Development Specialist
9.  Marita Martin, Talent and Engagement Coordinator

VII.  The Event Center (Susan Lindberg)
•  Events Center Presentation
•  4 Pillars of Business: Internal Events, Conferences and Meetings, Special Events and Celebrations,               Group Summer Housing
•  Sue Lindberg, Director
•  Christina Brooker, Senior Event Coordinator
•  Jonell Flock, Senior Special Event Coordinator
•  Kate Wheeler, Senior Ops Coordinator Event Center and Auxiliary Services
•  Will Brookey, Facilities Coordinator

VII.  Updates and Announcements
•  Halloween Event! Costume party and potluck on 10/31/2019, 12-1PM in Fireside Lounge. All can                     attend, potluck contribution not required. Come enjoy time with your community members!

Zoom link to October 17, 2019 Staff Council Meeting