Staff Welfare Committee 2013-2014 Goals

The staff welfare committee is excited to do some great work this year. We hope you’ll follow our blog posts, share with us your experiences and what you would like to see more of as well if there is anything that we can do for you! Here is what we are planning on working on this year.

2013 – 2014 Goals

Listen to the needs of Champlain Staff

  • Committee consists of at least one staff or advocate for all classifications, genders, geographical locations, and under-represented groups.
  •  Host informal brown bag sessions, one per semester. (Fall lakeside/Spring on campus)
  • With the new academic calendar work with College council to determine when the current Columbus day holiday should be moved to. Clarify holiday parameters, survey staff to determine preference, communicate preference back to College Council
  • Add online comment/question submission form to Staff council website. Review and address as necessary.

Work Collaboratively with HR&OD

  • Provide feedback on benefits survey to be disseminated in the spring semester. – Information to be gathered via brown bag lunches and website.
  • Establish at least four new employee discounts and increase knowledge of current benefits that exist.

Improve Peer-to-Peer Recognition System

 Power of E

  • Evaluate impact, perception, effectiveness, delivery method, and use of.
  • Re-launch Power of E initiative

Reward Nomination Process

  • Create a ‘one stop shop’ website that provides a description of each award, past recipients, and common application for all award/recognition programs

Faculty Welfare

  • Share yearly goals
  • Collaborate on any common goals
  • Meet at least once per year and more as needed.

Collaborate with Professional Development Committee

  • Create a training and resources pertaining to email etiquette