Staff Welfare Committee Update: September 2014

The Staff Welfare Committee met last week to get updates on several issues from Human Resources & Organizational Development and to finalize and prioritize its goals for the coming year.

  1. The committee will be working closely with HR&OD as well as the Managers Roundtable to analyze the results of last Spring’s Modern Think Survey and to help create action steps for addressing any issues or themes that come out of the survey.
  2. Another priority for the coming year is to make recommendations for possible new recognition programs to replace our discontinued “Power of E” program. We will be exploring both peer-to-peer as well as manager-to-employee recognition programs.
  3. The committee will explore ideas for creating an upward-feedback performance management program at the College. We will be looking to collaborate with Managers Roundtable as well as HR&OD on this initiative.
  4. The committee will also work with HR&OD to create a more accessible location for employees to learn about discounts and other perks that are available to us. We will also be looking for new discounts and possibly some group purchasing options that we can all take advantage of.

If you have any questions or ideas, please email the committee at

This year’s committee members include Abby Mendenhall & Ursula Jones (co-chairs), Linda Goodrum, Mike Crowley, Dan O’Hara, Will McCrary, and Cheryl Taylor. We are also joined by liaisons Kate Pelligrini, Mary Margaret Lee and Debra Dayman.