College Council Update: January 23

The first College Council meeting of the new year convened on January 23, 2015, bringing updates from Faculty Senate, Staff Council, Administration, SGA, and Deans & Provost offices.

The meeting began with a Happy New Year’s welcome and roll call.  Next, the notes from the previous meeting on 11/21/2014 were approved.

Committee and task force Updates

By-law Committee:

No updates.

College Calendar Committee:

No updates.

Sustain Champlain Committee:

The Kill-A-Watt Challenge is on February 5.

February is Sustainability Month, and there will be several events.  Announcements to come (including Film Sweet Dreams).

Transportation Committee (Christina)

Nic Anderson, the new coordinator has upgraded the parking permit store.  He is working on improving bike and pedestrian infrastructure.  If anyone has any suggestions, or would like to be involved, contact Nic.

Communications Task Force

Idling policy was presented and approved by the President’s cabinet.  Will now work on campus-wide communications regarding the new policy.

Ad Hoc Committee on Google

Continue working on improving mass-emailing and distribution lists.

General Updates

Student Government (Dylan Cullen)

Working on organizing a Student Leadership dinner (roughly 275 student leaders including SAs, PAs, OLs, RAs, etc.).

Working already on spring elections, hoping to increase participation by 10%.  Implementing a new polling system on campus. On 3/26 is the Election Party with announcements.

Stand-Up Comedy Show was a great success. Over 80 students attended.

Elected new EHS senator.

Launched blog

Staff Council (Brian Andrews)

ELearning team was Mystery Guests of the month. Staff council welcomes any team who would be interested in sharing what they do with staff. If interested contact any Staff council Executive member.

Q&A session with VP of Enrollment Management, Cathy O’Rourke to hear about overall marketing and recruitment strategy for first and transfer students.

Committee Updates

Staff Welfare: Working on a new peer recognition program to roll out soon

Professional development: Dare U website has new calendar feature

Networking and Recreation: First annual Mardi Gras Winter Carnival Event 2/20.

Deans (CCM – Paula)

Faculty member from Montreal has shared interest in coming to Burlington to meet students on campus.

10th Anniversary Celebration of the Game Studio coming up (events in the works).  Graphic Design Portfolio Website is up and running.

CCM Digital Magazine hopefully will be launched with the opening of the CCM building.

Administration (David and Don)

Update on construction permits for Eagles Club. Working on an agreement with
a group of residents who have voiced concerns. Data supports that providing
housing opportunities throughout 4 years increases retention.

Mayoral elections in Burlington coming up. Champlain College will not endorse
any candidate. However, the president supports initiatives to bring candidates
and campus or organize discussion events that will increase active participation
and educated electoral decisions.

Retention: Laurie and Don want to focus on increasing retention. Have
been working on gaining more insight from retention data. Will share findings
around retention and efficacy of different efforts.

CCM Construction: David wanted to recognize everyone’s patience
during this phase. Especially during this semester. Most of Hauke is off-line.
Auditorium seats arrived, will be opening soon.

St John’s Bible: Laurie encouraged everyone to take a minute to stop by MIC
to admire this remarkable object. Several classes will be focusing on St John’s
Bible’s cultural, religious and artistic value. Champlain College will host it for a
year. After CCM building is open, it will be displayed around the building.

Champlain College has been nominated for Best Cyber security Program
in the Country (3 institutions in the running).

Champlain Futures initiatives: Don calls on faculty, staff, students, trustees,
and community members to envision the future. Leslie is spearheading this
initiative. Leslie encourages everyone to take initiative to participate and be
involved. Announcement with details to come.