Welcome to the 25th Year of Staff Council

Yesterday we had our opening meeting of our 25th year of Staff Council.  What I love about this organization is that it brings together a diverse set of people with a common goal – to help create and maintain a great place to work. I hope you all feel that there is a place for you within Staff Council, whether it is attending one of our events (start planning your Halloween costume for our annual lunch), attending one of our monthly meetings, signing up your team to be one of our monthly “Mystery Guests”, or serving on one of our committees.  Staff Council is what we make of it and is 100% managed by us. So please, if you’ve got an idea to share, a question to ask, or a concern to bring up, please seek out one of our Executive Board members. We’re here to work with you.

I’d like to send a special thanks to the insightful staff members of 25 years ago who sought an equal structure to what faculty already had in place.  Over the year we’ll be celebrating the accomplishments and fun had together in a variety of ways. Have an idea on what you’d like to see? Share them with Shaylea Scribner or Katrina Bennett, who are heading our 25th anniversary task force.

Here’s to a stellar 25th year.