College Council Meeting: October 2016

The College Council met on October 21, 2016 (Friday morning).   Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.



  • Student Government:
    • SGA is in full motion now.
    • CPR/AED/First Aid class created by EHS Senator Haley Parent – for 8 students
    • Haley also co-sponsored Debate Night (watching 3rd Presidential Debate in the auditorium). 50+ students showed up!  Collaboration with the Women’s and Gender Center.
    • Occupy Hearthstone project underway, looking for ideas
    • Grant fund went up $10,000.  $40k total for the semester, $9k already approved with $6k pending.
    • Next meeting will have Director of Finance present a briefing.
  • Staff Council:
  • Faculty Senate
    • Bylaws being actively worked on, hope to be up-to-date by the end of the year.
    • Reorg of evaluation committee.
  • Deans
    • Looking to reach out to students with insufficient midterm grades, making sure everyone has been contacted.
    • Open House was well-attended.  4 applicants so far to Data Analytics major, looking for more.
    • BTV Ignite event went well, part of Innovation Week.  Tech demonstrations and talks on data analytics.
    • Road Pitch finalists gave their pitches.
    • Vermont Tech Jam caps off Innovation Week.
    • Proposals for integrating VR into the curriculum are being investigated.
  • Admin
    • Call for Flu Shots!
    • Exploring newer, cutting-edge technology in cooperation with the Green Mountain Higher Education Consortium; vendor presentations beginning in the coming days.  Great work across all the Consortium campuses.
    • Best ways to interface with the GMHEC at Champlain: Shelley Navari represents Finance; Ted Laskaris represents Technology;  Mary Lee represents People Center.  In Admin, Laruie Quinn would also be a contact.  Corinna Noelke is the Executive Director of the GMHEC.
    • Board of Trustees Retreat was successful.
    • Vermont Women in Higher Education annual dinner also went well.  Great Champlain representation.
    • Senate project: small group of faculty is continuing an exploration of the fundamentals of institutional finance.  Co-facilitated by Shelley Navari and Laurie Quinn.
    • There were presentations at Shelburne Museum from Champlain’s Graphic Design (Publication Design) program students, presenting to the Museum as a client.  The project was led by Jonathan_Mikulak.
    • Grad programs being re-invented and shifted around.  Lots of changes coming.
  • Admissions 
    • 15 Discovery Day events just completed at various locations across the country.
    • Open House was well-attended.  Applications are up – recently passed over 1000 applications.

General Announcements

  • Proposal to create a 3-member committee to update College Council bylaws, which have not been touched since 2007.  Christina Erickson, Logan Rice and Ciaran Buckley volunteered.
  • Memorial services for Connor Glassett are planned, including reading of his poetry, singing Maori songs, a video and a photo montage.  These events will take place on Wednesday, November 9.

Meeting was adjourned.