Staff Council Meeting Minutes – September 2016

Staff Council met on September 21, 2016 in Lakeside 101/102. Below are the meeting minutes (Approved on 10/19/2016). You may also click HERE to download a PDF version.

I.  Welcome – Call meeting to order (Christina Erickson, Staff Council President)

II. Welcome New Employees

  • Individuals hired in June, July, August, and the beginning of September were invited to stand and introduce themselves to the group. Those present included:
    • Katie Spaeder – Manager, Enrollment Service Center
    • Katherine Mumbauer – Assistant Director, Financial Aid
    • Marianne Werner – Assistant Director, Financial Aid
    • Bruce Bovat – Director, Campus Public Safety 

III.  Approval of the May (Annual) meeting minutes (see in K:drive/Staff Council Meeting Minutes),

  • A motion was made to approve, motion was seconded, and the May Annual Meeting minutes were unanimously approved 

IV.  Approval of Amended Bylaws – (Christina Erickson)

  • A motion was made to approve the amended bylaws, that motion was seconded, and the amendments were unanimously approved
    • Changes were made to the Staff Council Bylaws to better align with the strategic plan and campus culture of the College. Amendments aim to foster diversity and inclusion, support the College’s mission, and better account for various title changes and voting methods. Additionally, the committee portion of the bylaws was amended to reflect the dissolution of the Staff Professional Development Committee and inclusion of a new committee, Staff Communication & Engagement, which will assist in ongoing new staff onboarding processes, including taking charge of the new staff ambassador program.

 V.  Introduction of Executive Board & College Council Representatives

  • Staff Council Executive Board: Christina Erickson (President), Andrew Dubuque (Vice President), Patrick DiMambro (Treasurer), Cullen Bostock (Secretary), Nic Anderson (Board Member), Regina Ferrell (Board Member), and Shaylea Scribner (Board Member)
  • Staff Council Representatives for College Council (appointed annually by the Staff Council Executive Committee): Christina Erickson, Brian Andrews, April O’Dell, Will McCrary, Noah Goldblatt, and Jimena Huaco

VI.  Committee Speed Networking

  • Committee chairs were stationed in different areas of the room. Attendees were invited to rotate to each location to seek information regarding each committee, including meeting some of the members and providing feedback on projects and goals for the year. Committees include:
    • Staff Welfare – Co-chairs: Dan Selicaro and Karen Dusini; Board Liaison: Regina Ferrell
    • Staff Communication & Engagement – Chair: Roland Palmer; Board Liaison: Nic Anderson
    • Staff Networking & Recreation – Co-chairs: Jared Cadrette and Jimena Huaco; Board Liaison: Shaylea Scribner

VII.  People & Technology Update (Mary Lee and Dan Selicaro)

  • Modern Think – 2016 Results
    • The Modern Think survey is a tool recognized by the Chronicle of Higher Education when determining their “Great College to Work for” list. The survey was last administered by Champlain College in 2014. Results of the survey have been critical in determining areas of improvement and focus initiatives for the College. For example, as a result of the 2014 survey, College leadership was able to recognize the need for increase communication and transparency. This need was addressed by making executive summaries available following Board of Director meetings, providing employees a total compensation summary, and making improvements to the staff evaluation process.
    • The 2016 survey saw a 78% response rate. Dan highlighted significant positive improvements evident in the results, specifically in the areas of collaboration, fairness, and senior leadership. Dan also noted employees’ response toward professional development appeared to decrease compared to the 2014 results. This is surprising given the heightened focus that has been placed on providing staff with various professional development opportunities, most notably through KnowledgeWave and DareU offerings. Nonetheless, this is good example of an area that will be explored as a result of Modern Think.
  • Regulation Changes to Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
    • Mary highlighted the changes, as a result of new legislation, which will take effect beginning December 1, 2016. Specific changes include:
      • The salary threshold requirement to qualify as exempt from overtime pay will rise from $433 per week to $913 per week.
      • Beginning in 2020, the Department of Labor will increase the salary threshold every three years.
      • The Duties test has not changed. This is the review of whether the job duties and responsibilities are at the level to be exempt from overtime earnings.
    • These changes could impact those who hold an exempt position and currently make a weekly salary less than$913. College administrators have reviewed plans to comply with these regulations and will communicate with managers and impacted employees beginning in October.
    • If you would like more information about the FLSA changes, you may visit the Department of Labor website at contact the People Center.

VIII.  Announcements

  • Wellbeing – Debra Dayman
  • Manager’s Roundtable – Roland Palmer
    • This group is comprised of all supervisors and meet on a monthly basis. The last meeting was focused on reviewing the mission and engaging in professional development.
  • “Way to Go” Challenge – Nic Anderson
    • The challenge is focused on encouraging employees to commute to work whenever possible. Currently 20% of employees are enrolled in the challenge, the goal is to reach 50% participation.
    • Nic proposed engaging in a “carbon throw down” competition with another area business. Some of the suggested “opponents” included and Seventh Generation.
  • United Way
    • The campaign kicks off of October 11 and will conclude at the annual staff holiday lunch on October 31. Last year raised approx. $47,000 and saw 48% participation. New this year, there will be an online giving platform.
  • Family Weekend 2016 – Jared Cadrette
    • Will be held on the weekend of September 30
  • DareU – Christine Hutchins
    • Professional Evaluation debrief sessions will be made available for managers and employees.
    • Also available through DareU are trainings focused on preferred pronouns, Workday recruiter, and recruitment bias and stereotypes.
  • Blood Drive – Jen Perle
  • Rainbow Crosswalk – Sandra Yusen
    • The crosswalk on S. Willard, closest to the Maple St. intersection will be painted on September 28. This is a project that was started by former members of staff and supported by the SGA. The event will kick off with a brief statement made by President Laackman at 10:00am.

IX. Closing – if you have questions, feedback, ideas – please speak to me or one of our Executive Committee members