Staff Council Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Staff Council met on Friday, March 17 at 8:30AM in Lakeside Room 101/102. Below are the meeting minutes (approved on April 12, 2017) for your review. These minutes can also be found on the K: Drive, located at K:\Staff Council\Staff Council – Meeting Minutes\June 2016 – May 2017. Please send any recommended revisions to prior to the April 12 meeting.

I.  Welcome – Call meeting to order (Patrick DiMambro, Facilitator)

II.  Approval of the February meeting minutes(see in K:drive/Staff Council Meeting Minutes),

  • A motion was made to approve, motion was seconded, and the February Meeting minutes were unanimously approved

III. LEAD 2.0 Update – Jimena Huaco and Tanja Hinterstoisser

  • The Life Experience & Action Dimension (LEAD) program is one of three aspects of Champlain’s integrated education model. That is, by the end of their 4 year college career, Champlain students will have met requirements related to their chosen major, CORE, and LEAD curriculums. As it currently stands, the LEAD curriculum is focused on three key areas: Lifelong Career Management, Financial Sophistication, and Engaged Citizenship.
  • At the end of Summer 2016, the LEAD program transitioned from Student Life to the Career Collaborative. With this transition, the LEAD program will be known moving forward as the Career Flagship program. The primary areas of focus will be career planning and personal finance. A virtual badge system will recognize and motivate students to go beyond the minimum requirements. Students will earn points on different competencies as they participate in eligible activities.
  • While the emphasis on engaged citizenship will remain, the existing one-time First-year Engaged Citizen requirement will be replaced as part of the badge system. Students will have the opportunity to earn points based on different activities, or “a-la-carte” options, that they participate in that expose them to the College competency of “Global and Cultural Understanding”.
  • Students will continue to have required milestones, some with clear deliverables, throughout their 4 years at Champlain. For example, as part of their participation in the “Game of Life” event, first-year students will have completed a Budget Allocation Report, which is a required deliverable in the Financial Planning category of the program. Additionally, as part of the Career Flagship program, students will have a platform (known as their ePortfolio) for housing, accessing, and managing their deliverables.
  • The question was asked whether or not access to the ePortfolio/deliverables will extend beyond their career at Champlain. Career Collaborative is hoping to allow access for alumni, however, it may need to be capped after a certain number of years.
  • The badge system was discussed in further detail. One member asked if badges are effective in motivating students. Jimena noted that trends in higher education indicate skill-based training aimed at specific competencies is a significant motivating factor. One member, a Champlain alum, noted that the badge system and “a-la-carte” components add value to the program and may help increase students’ perceived value and understanding of the program’s purpose. He gave the example of his student experience and the overall perception that LEAD was “just another assignment”.
  • Jimena explained that Career Collaborative is working with the registrar to determine which Career Flagship components may be viewable on students’ transcripts. Currently, LEAD credits do appear on transcripts, however, the Career Collaborative team wants to be more intentional as to which Career Flagship components appear moving forward.

IV.  Committee Updates

Communication & Engagement – Roland Palmer

    • With Staff Council Executive Board 2017/2018 elections approaching in May, Roland reminded the group that nominations are open. A Google Form can be found on the Staff Council website HERE. Nominees will be contacted by members of the Nominating Committee prior to being officially added to the slate for the May Annual Meeting. As a reminder, the open positions for the 2017/2018 Staff Council Executive Board are:
      • Vice President
      • Secretary
      • Board Member (3)

Networking & Recreation Committee – Jimena Huaco

    • Staff were reminded of the upcoming pop-up event, “Comedy and Crepes”, held on March 20 at Skinny Pancake

Manager’s Roundtable – Roland Palmer

    • The last MRT meeting focused on identifying opportunities to have change agent conversations

V.  Announcements

  • Debra Dayman from the Wellbeing Team reminded the group of the upcoming “Focus on You”, A 6-Part series designed to bring attendees a greater sense of overall health & wellness. There are 3 sessions left which will take place throughout the end of March and commence in early April.
  • Debra also informed the group of the upcoming “step challenge” which begins April 3 and ends on April 30. This year, the challenge has participants accumulating the amount of steps it would take to walk to Hawaii.

VI.  Closing– if you have questions, feedback, ideas – please speak to me or one of our Executive Committee members