November C&E Committee Meeting Notes

Notes for this meeting are as follows. As always, if you want further clarification, reach out to or any of the committee members which can be found at

  • Looks like email not working. Email re student death bounced back. Staff not informed officially yet. Nic will look into it.
  • Follow-up regarding ambassador program – Still need someone to take over reins. Elin COULD if we really need. Does anyone want to step up? It’s pretty low commitment.
  • Discussed a possible “Meet your cabinet member” in the People Center newsletter (and possible blog post). Katy to run the idea by Jennifer to ask at Cabinet. Follow up via email. If OK…Committee members could do an informal interview. Maybe have drafted questions. Jen A did Coffee with Don from earlier in the fall. Helpful. Could have some Qs around job responsibilities, which departments etc they cover and also personal qs
  • Do employee perks live with our committee? Yes. If so, review of these. Possibility suggestions and new perks we can offer? Katy can have student review fully and update. Do we want to go out to specific community members. Action steps? Difference between Benefits and Perks? Create generic ask email/form to ask for other businesses. Add Champlain Room to perks list.
  • Communications/engagement around GMHEC technology go-live in Q1 2019.  Sandy Y would welcome any feedback on how we can ensure staff is ready for the changes that will occur with the new technology. Leave it to the project leads. On agenda for tomorrow Staff Council meeting from Diana. Elin can pipe up tomorrow if we need to on specifics of upcoming trainings. Highlight they are “mandatory”.
  • Another communications/engagement effort is the strategic plan development — there are many initiatives underway to support this but again Sandy would welcome any feedback from the group on best ways to involve/engage staff.
  • Prof Dev Day Feb 12 – Would like to have Staff Council included in planning. Could we ask Christine to tag in someone. Nic to contact Christine to ask…What is there? how did they arrive at those? can we give feedback? Ask Staff what they want to learn?
    • MyEmma
    • Calendars
    • Paygrades & Movement within the College
    • Google Drive Fileshare
  • Do we need to communicate about all the different parts of Staff Council, College Council, Committees. Who is on these? Maybe links in a signature? End of the month wrap-up email for staff. Jen A happy to put something together. Use MyEmma? Send from C&E Committee email. Digest form maybe that could just link to committee blog posts (since the chairs have all been asked to do them asap after meetings).

NEXT MEETING: Monday December 17th, 10am, Lakeside 211. Would welcome new folks.