October C&E Committee Meeting Notes

The discussions this meeting were:

Improve tools for event promotion and scheduling:

  • We already have https://www.champlain.edu/events-calendar
  • As well as https://calendar.champlain.edu/
  • There is now a “Class of 2022” calendar of events – manually managed
  • How could we pull the master EMS calendar into Google – Challenge is that this would be one level. We will need filters
  • Ownership of calendars is an issue
  • This is already a Town Hall discussion as well as other locations
  • Don’t want to be responsible for advancing this on an institutional level but wanting to push for changes on behalf of staff – not actually owning this project
  • Work on promoting calendar.champlain.edu as a start
  • Maybe could be a training on an upcoming staff council meeting…or a Dare U session…or “Google This” type of seminar. This could be around:
    • what do staff actually want to see on calendars?
    • How do they want to be communicated with?
    • Training on:
      • how to use EMS
      • Where public calendars can be found
      • Where to find Google calendars

Technology at meetings.

  • This is already happening between Shaylea and Elin at Town Halls at least. Nothing needed from C&E.
  • It is easy to display video of past meetings, harder to get interactive. Can rely on co-workers who are there to be conduit?
  • What can we do at Staff Council?
  • Lyle has work study students to do the filming. Two for the live feed. Another for straight recording.
  • Breakouts are what become super hard.
  • What about using Canvas?
  • Lyle said they can do the recording piece. Only worthwhile if it’s used. Need to have a promotion and a good amount of time for people to get used to it.
  • Others would totally just read minutes before watching an hour of footage. Would not just watch. Video does help with context if you are trying to process written minutes.
  • Education needed on Zoom vs Google Hangouts? Phone and Google docs used more.

Informal conversation goal

  • Don is doing two new things.
    • Staff Forum. If feedback is positive could do again.
    • Sessions
  • There is a desire or need for conversations with Don to be less structured and more informal. Getting to know him, not just his policies.
  • Nic’s idea was asking if Don may want to simply ride the new airport-style shuttle sometime in the spring semester and simply have unstructured conversations? Cabinet members too?
  • Coffee hours? Bagel morning?
  • Committee mission for the month…Ask around others for ideas on encouraging more unstructured conversation opportunities and contact points