Faculty Senate Community Support Resolution

This fall, the Academic Affairs, Welfare and Multicultural committees of the faculty senate discussed and co-drafted a resolution, asking Presidents Cabinet to address a perceived shortfall in employees and support on the staff side, which is having a negative impact on students and faculty time and workload too.

This was mentioned at last weeks Staff Council meeting but if you weren’t there, we wanted to share some background and links to find out more. 

Faculty Senate invited your Staff Council Executive Board to a joint meeting on November 14th to discuss this resolution which was a great meeting and everyone appreciated the collaboration.

On November 26th at the normal Faculty Senate meeting, the resolution was discussed and the majority voted to approve the resolution and forward to Presidents Cabinet. The resolution does not have much weight except for, as part of the college’s structure, it must be formally responded to within a specific timeframe.

Laurie Quinn responded to the resolution at the December 5th Faculty Senate meeting. See the response here.

If you would like to learn more or dive deeper into what this means here at Champlain, feel free to reach out to your closest Staff Council Executive member or keep an eye on the minutes from Faculty Senate.