Staff Council ANNUAL Meeting Minutes – May 2019

Staff Council held their 2019 Annual Meeting on Tuesday, May 21 at 8:30AM in Lakeside 101/102. Below are the meeting minutes (to be approved on September 19, 2019) for your review. These minutes can also be found on the K: Drive, located at K:\Staff Council\Staff Council – Meeting Minutes\June 2018 – May 2019 (Note for Windows 10 users: the K: drive is now the P: drive on your machine). Please send any recommended revisions to Tara Arneson at prior to the September 19 meeting.

I.   Welcome – Call meeting to order (Shaylea Scribner)

II.   Approval of the April meeting minutes (see in K:drive/Staff Council Meeting Minutes)

  • A motion was made to approve, motion was seconded, and the April meeting minutes were unanimously approved

III.   Treasurer’s Report – Patrick DiMambro (Treasurer)


Staff Recognition/Support

Staff Morale December Meeting                  $882

Staff Council Award (Gross)                         $383

End-of-year BBQ                                          $1,410

Coffee Breaks: Library Initiative                    $75

Networking Events

Flower Potting                                              $100

Halloween Lunch                                         $200

Holiday Gingerbread Event                          $100


Annual Retreat                                            $350


Staff Council Budget                 $3,500


TOTAL SPENT                                            $3,500


IV.  Committee Updates

Staff Welfare & Advocacy Committee


  • This Committee shall work collaboratively with the People Center to review College policies, benefits, salary, insurance and retirement matters which affect staff personnel.  This Committee is charged with preparing proposals for review by the membership at large, and subsequently presenting the approved proposal to the President of the College by a representative of the Committee and the President of Staff Council.  The Committee will not pursue individual personnel issues or grievances.

Committee Members

  • Jean-Marie Severance (Chair), Ariana Andrewes, Grace Curley, Jen Adrian, Kellie Nadeau, Linda Goodrum, Maddie Braz, Emily Peters, Christina Erickson, Justin Cawley, William McCrary, Alyssa Helme, Dan Selicaro, and Mikael Blanco (Staff Council Executive Board Liaison)

Notable 2018-2019 Accomplishments:

  • Partnered with the People Center to review and revise the performance management process
  • Updated Staff Holiday Calendar
  • Continued review Great Colleges to Work For Survey results – looking for areas where we can generate positive forward momentum and change.

Upcoming Initiatives:

  • Summer – Continue with Great Colleges to Work for review and ideas – Think about fall priorities
  • Fall – Joint Meeting w/ Faculty Welfare Committee, potential joint initiatives

Communications & Engagement Committee


  • This committee will welcome new staff to Champlain, educate them about Staff Council, and inform them of opportunities to get more involved. This committee will collaborate with the other committees of Staff Council and The People Center as well as foster an environment that enhances engagement and collaboration throughout campus.

Committee members:

  • Nic Anderson (Chair), Roland Palmer, Sandy Yusen, Elin Melchior, Mimi Trippany, Leslie Van Wagner (plus past members in 2018/2019 – Jen Perlee, Jen Adrian, Katy DelGreco, Joanne Silloway), and Tara Arneson (Staff Council Executive Board Liaison)

Notable 2018-2019 Accomplishments

  • Helped get more staff input in planning the Professional Development Day
  • Generated ideas for more leadership connection opportunities to coordinate with Jennifer A and Cabinet
  • Continued to welcome new employees
  • Secured an awesome 8 person ballot for staff council positions in 2019/20

Update on the new Staff Welcome Program

  • 42 new staff were part of this program from July 1 to date
  • Currently we have 23 volunteer Staff Ambassadors. If you are Interested in becoming a Staff Ambassador please contact C&E Committee to be added to our list!
  • Special thanks to the following Staff Ambassadors who were matched with a new staff member this year: Julie Eldred, Linda Goodrum, Elin Melchior, Veronica Lewis, Christina Erickson, Daphne Walker, Jimena Huaco, Tanja Hinterstossier, Luke Lewis, Patrick Volz, Nic Anderson, Jen Nicholls, Leslie Carew

Staff Networking & Recreation Committee


  • This committee is responsible for bringing staff together as a community through various networking opportunities. We plan social, fun and engaging events through the year.

Committee members:

  • Kelsey O’Connor (Co-Chair), Jared Cadrette, Jimena Huaco, Leah Miller, Michael Wall, Patrick DiMambre, Maggie Melvin, Joe Williams, and Aram Sevakian (Staff Council Executive Board Liaison).

Notable 2018-2019 Accomplishments:

  • Hosted 3 Programs: Trivia Night, Halloween Lunch and costume contest, Gingerbread house making contest & lunch, Spring flower pot lunch, and End of year staff social.

 College Council

Staff Representatives to College Council: Shaylea Scribner, Pat Boera, Christina Erickson, Nic Anderson, Melissa Marcello, John Lanzetta, Lauren Bruneau, and Elin Melchior served as Secretary

Meeting topics over the course of the year included:

  • September: Communication at Champlain College (as a follow-up to Modern Think)
  • November – Follow-up on Community Conversation/strategic planning process
  • February – Current state of higher education; how do we talk about Champlain in a compelling way that acknowledges these realities
  • April – Reflection on accomplishments of the past year and hopes for next year

Check out the website at:

V.   Staff Council Elections

2019-2020 Staff Council Open Positions and Candidates:

Vice President – 2 year term

JARED CADRETTE, Student Engagement

Secretary – 2 year term


Board Member – 1 year term (3 positions available)


COREY AUSTIN, Information Systems

LEAH MILLER, Undergraduate Admissions



DANIELLE L’ESPERANCE, Compass Student Services

JESSA KARKI, Office of International Education

BRIDGET GRIM, Student Engagement

Voting was tallied. Please note, per the Staff Council By-laws, with only one candidate running for certain positions, the election for those positions were held by voice vote. The new 2019-2020 Staff Council Executive Board members are:

Vice President – 2 year term

JARED CADRETTE, Student Engagement

Secretary – 2 year term


Board Member – 1 year term (3 positions available)

COREY AUSTIN, Information Systems


DANIELLE L’ESPERANCE, Compass Student Services

Congratulations! And thanks to all who ran!

VI.   A Very Important & Serious Activity

  • Attendees split into 2 large groups and participated in a single-elimination, Rock Paper Scissors tournament

VII.   Closing – if you have questions, feedback, ideas – please speak to Christina or one of our Executive Committee members