Communication and Engagement Meeting 9/23/19

  • Icebreaker: Names and origin of names
  • Confirm timing & location: Fourth Monday at 1:30 pm? (October 28th)
    • Yes, this works! Meetings will be scheduled for that time. Next meeting will be at Lakeside
    • We hope to have a representative from the People Center, and this is supported by Jennifer Archimbault. A decision has not been made about who that will be. Howie Leblanco has approached the committee with a number of ideas.
    • Debrief previous staff council meeting regarding priorities for our committee:
  •  Recognition of staff – Jared to oversee with C&E committee
    • Communications to staff, from staff – C&E committee



  • Thoughts & feedback from speed-dating at previous staff council meeting
    • Discuss staff ambassador program – Roland currently runs it and we need a fresh look. Positive thoughts, encouraged attendance for staff council meetings and recognize another face on campus
      • Born out of staff council as we wanted people to be better oriented into the culture of the College
      • Shout out to the group if they were interested and did it on a yearly basis & work with the people center on who the new hires are
      • Full time/part time etc. 
      • Keep track of how many ambassador/new hire pairings take place each year
      • Meet with someone outside their department, invite them to join the council, 
      • Welcome message that goes out via email, connecting ambassador to the new staff
      • Stopped in June and still sending the welcome message with guide, list of abbreviations 
      • Several wished that we could get into orientation and that the material can be very presentation heavy and it would be nice to have 
      • More many years new employee orientation was different – they would bring in several members from across campus to share information about their department – invite them to join the next staff council meeting. Shared website information. 
      • Leslie wants to join. Spike in September and then 4-6 on a monthly basis. 
      • Working hard to embrace our international staff members – welcome them on behalf of staff council. It has not yet happened for international staff. – question for the people center
    • Part of the culture – takes time 
  • Need to do a better job of communication. After staff council, is there a blog that is getting updated, what type of communication. Need to share about what is going on. Our updates were late last year. 
  • Websites & new employee guide were done by our team. We discussed it as a committee and work with the People Center on getting it posted
    • Perks – Discounts- Hertz etc.
    • If some of us wanted to reach out locally we could consider that as well
  • Website updates (mail room hours)
  • Staff input on theme for staff council meetings (from Mimmi. Discuss next time)
  • Ideas for recognition of staff

Action Items:


  • Reach out to Jennifer Archimbault and Howie Leblanco about having a C & E rep come to new employee orientation (maybe for coffee?)
    • Employee perks updates and new employee guide 
    • Follow up with JA about having a people center rep on C & E committee 
    • Take Hertz group discount offers to People Center
    • Check with People Center about updating webpage(s)
    • Find out if People Center can still cover Staff Ambassador lunches etc.
      • Could this be expanded beyond lunches to support folks who work non-trad schedules
      • Coffee – Perky Planet
  • Get list of new employees
    • Roland show this process to VL and SCW?


For next meeting’s agenda:

  • Four-ish bullet points outlining expectations for what is accomplished by Staff Ambassador lunches/relationships with new employees
    • Meeting your person over lunch
    • Getting connected to an external staff member
  • Look at historical information created by Roland