Staff Welfare Committee Meeting 9/18/19


Staff Welfare


September 18, 2019


Present: Kellie Nadeau, Christina Erickson, Danielle L’Esperance, Arianna Andrewes, Grace Curley, Linda Goodrum, Jean-Marie Severance


1-2    Jennifer Archambault & Debra Dayman – Benefits changes

  • See forms sent by Jennifer through Jean-Marie
  • All employees will be required  to meet w/ “counselor” to help us understand the new choices and to help enroll as there is no self service this year – everyone who does will get a $50 gift card
  • The new “Silver” Plan is the closest to our current HDHP w/ HSA plan.
  • The coverage doesn’t change much at all (other than a lower number of chiropractic visits), just the various pricing, and gives people choice about their financial exposure/risk
  • J-M will send additional handouts to committee members that weren’t at mtg  that Jennifer/Debra gave out w/ Dental/Vision and other info
  • Will be offering two vision and two dental plans – the current one of each and a less robust one


Other Conversation w/ Jennifer & Debra


  • People Center thinking about having a person who works primarily w/ staff and one who primarily works w/ managers, so that employees always feel comfortable that they can go to HR for advice, ie – People Ctr won’t follow-up with manager unless agreed upon
  • Manager’s training being developed in partnership with Knowledgewave – using Modern Think as a starting point of what will be in the course modules 
  • Discussion about the possibility of an Employee Ombud position – could be shared at the GMHEC level – potentially staffed/assisted by Champlain Center for Mediation & Dialogue 




Welcome and Intro new members 

  • Welcome Danielle, Jessa, Alyssa, Emily 


How is everyone doing? What’s the word?

  • Pretty quiet all things considered 
  • Some conversation about Pres Search


  • Staff salary market analysis – was cut from the budget last year, is it in the budget for this year? Now 12 years since that last one was done 

–No is not in the FY20 budget, did not make the cut again this year


  • Why can’t salary bands be available for all to see, along with the compensation range? Why can’t staff look it up? We can’t even look up what our own salary band is.  Very difficult to determine if you want to apply for another position at the college if you can’t compare current job to potential job. Also, why is it such a secret? Or, why not make it entirely public on our website like other private colleges (for example Emerson College)  


  • Does Champlain hire any FT staff at a salary below the living wage for Chittenden County? Or just above? Or at 37.5 hours it’s above the living wage but when extrapolated to 40 hours it falls below?


  • Champlain parental leave policy but not paid. Maternity leave is short-term disability, but no paid leave for non-childbearing parent? What about adoption leave? JMS/DL will check with Jennifer at their meeting w/ her


  • Reminder of Mtg Monday meeting w/ Exec Committee and other Committees


Staff Council meeting tomorrow – Committees will have “stations” (speed dating) for staff to get info, share ideas/concerns

Review our Google doc of ideas

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