Staff Welfare Committee Meeting 10/16/19

Staff Welfare Committee Agenda

October 16, 2019

1:30PM, Lakeside Room 101


Present: Jessa Karki, Kellie Nadeau, Arianna Andrewes, Grace Curley, Christina Erickson, Jen Adrian, Neil Preston, Alyssa Helme, Danielle L’Esperance, Jean-Marie Severance


True Colors Personality Assessment

  • What is True Colors?
  • Take the assessment
  • How is this helpful in our work on this committee?


Discuss work to be done


  • Employee Friendly Benefits proposal 
  • Betsy Allen-Pennebaker and Melanie Brown of Fac Welfare Committee have already done some groundwork  and want to partner with staff as this project moves forward. 
  • Request Combined Time Off proposal from People Center from ~2-3 years ago – something to review and possibly update?


How does CTO work for part-time employees? 

Also- What happens with rollovers and carrying over sick days? 


  • RFP for Staff Salary Market Analysis


Jessa, Christina, Danielle, JMS, Alyssa (RFP leaning)  will do either project


Jean-Marie will let Jennifer A and Fac Welfare reps know who’s doing what


Job descriptions are out of date, how do job descriptions get written? Should we have Jennifer or other People Center come talk to us about this? 

Helpful background info – from People Center website

It would be helpful for us to be able to see the salary bands that go with the job description bands. This has been discussed repeatedly. 

How to ask for review of job description or promotion? Many are doing tasks, making decisions that are above what the job description would indicate. What if a manager isn’t open to reviewing a job description? Should a staff person go directly to the People Center? 


We need to think about people who  are already doing way more than their job description as people grow – this would be solved by creating an “insert job here level 2” which would solve the path to promotion issue and help increase employee engagement – this is done at other institutions

-only being able to get promoted if you move into a managerial position doesn’t foster staff engagement 

-”someone left, this flowed down”, now, many do way more than they are getting credit or paid for

-people being told to write their own job descriptions, others have job descriptions “dropped on them” – no consistency


Why does so much of this happen “behind the curtain” and feel secretive? Is there a reason the process can’t be more transparent and engage staff in the conversation about their own jobs? We have smart employees and it seems like a no brainer to include and engage staff in these conversations. 


Add student supervision as part of staff  job description – why isn’t that considered as management for people interested in manager training?


Faculty now get the same percentage across the board for merit raises. 

Faculty salaries also get reviewed annually in relation to their position’s market median. The college has committed that FT faculty salaries all be within 80% (need to check on exact number) of the market median for that position (example – Associate Professor of Something, Professor of Something, Assistant Professor of Something) 

 If an individual faculty member’s salary isn’t within 80% of market median,  annual effort is made to increase their salary closer to that mark. Understand that staff and faculty are different in this regard, but it would be nice to see that kind of commitment to staff salaries 


Staff salary market analysis is now 12 years overdue, it REALLY needs to happen, should move forward with RFP

  • If approved in the budget and we get the market analysis, how would staff welfare inform the process?
  • Staff should have input in the job descriptions written
  • What happens if market analysis doesn’t get approved in the budget, how many more years is the college willing to keep putting this off using the reason that “ even if we find the money to do the analysis, we might not have the money to make it right and we don’t want to find out how out of alignment salaries are and then not be able to do anything about it?” 
  • We believe that Champlain currently hires staff at what is considered below a living wage for this area, that will just keep getting further and further out of alignment without correction soon


IF the budget request for the study gets approved in the FY21 budget, FY21 would be the year the analysis happens, with adjustments likely rolled out gradually and incrementally over several years.