Communications & Engagement Meeting notes 11/18/19


Attended: Nic Anderson, Marita Martin, Roland Palmer, Elin Melchior, Mim Trippany, Sarah Camille, Veronica Lewis (via phone)

  • Staff ambassador program
    • Anyone else on the committee want to be an ambassador?
      • Mimi was added to the list and Nic was re-added
  • New employee orientation
    • lunch in IDX cafeteria
    • dates are already scheduled
    • does anyone want to do December?
      • Mimi will do December; Elin will do January
      • SCW will reach out to Howie to ask if time can be moved earlier to avoid lines and crowds
  • Perks comparison with UVM
    • Discount for Ski Rack to be added to webpage. Marita will do all updates at once.
    • SCW will:
      • reach out about discounts to Flynn & Roxy that UVM has
      • Follow up on golf discounts to make sure still valid
      • Follow up with Detail Works (Spectrum) to see if they are still offering us a discount.
      • See if Old Spokes still gives us a discount.
    • Push to promote E4 discounts- work with Marita on this
      • Maybe put in people center update
  • Staff recognition ideas
    • Group agreed to move ahead with starting a peer-to-peer award that gets paid forward to another department by the department of the person who receives it. Staff council will select first recipient, and that person’s department will select the next recipient.
      • A comically large trophy will be obtained for this purpose- perhaps a bowling pin that has been bedazzled. Marita may have one we can use.
      • Plan is to roll out in January.
    • Recognition of staff who have earned degrees or certificates.
      • Announce at January and May SC meetings.
      • Get list from People Center.