Hello Champlainers!

Wow…finals week already and almost holiday break. Where did the time go?!

Staff Council Executive Committee had a meeting on Wednesday, December 4th. The following is a summary of our agenda and some notes from the meeting…

  1. Pressing Issues
    1. What’s the word on the street? What’s new?
      1. Staff Forum with Laurie Quinn, Interim President
        1. We all felt this was a great conversation…feeling of the meeting was very positive, excited and lots of fruitful discussion.
        2. Over 100 people in attendance between in person and on Zoom!
        3. Plan is to do another Staff Forum with Laurie in the spring semester and then set that standard with a new president moving forward to do this once a semester.
      2. Faculty Senate Resolution for Commitment to DE&I
        1. President of Faculty Senate Kathy Seiler let us know about this.
        2. Unanimously passed by Faculty Senate.
        3. It could impact staff on the academic side, but as of now there is not anything specific we need to do.
    2. Finalized the agenda for the December 19, 2019 Staff Council Meeting. The agenda and Zoom streaming link can be found in the calendar invite.
    3. Debrief of Building Community meeting between the leaders of Staff Council, SGA, and Faculty Senate.
      1. Continuing conversation exploring how we can build community amongst faculty, staff and students. More to come in spring 2020.
    4. Update – Staff Council Treasurer position to remain vacant until May 2020 annual election.
  2. Committee Updates – Please continue to check the Staff Council Blog for more in depth updates on the work these committees are doing.
    1. Staff Welfare and Advocacy
      1. RFP for Salary Market Analysis
      2. Family Friendly Benefits
    2. Staff Networking and Recreation
      1. Exploring membership options, getting more people involved
      2. Gingerbread Competition coming up on December 17th.
    3. Staff Communication and Engagement
      1. Staff Ambassador Program has been reborn! Already assigned every new employee since September.
      2. New Employee Orientation – Growing involvement by Staff Council
      3. Review of Employee Perks and comparison with UVM
      4. Recognition of Staff Plans
  3. Joined by Jennifer Archambault for last hour of meeting
    1. Specifically discussed Staff Professional Development Day and how Staff Council can help make this successful, especially since The People Center will be knee-deep in getting ready for HCM go-live in March.

That’s all for now! Until next time…

-Shaylea Scribner, Staff Council President