Staff Welfare Committee Meeting 2/12/20 Highlights


  • Debrief of Presidential Candidate Staff Forums
  • Salary Market Analysis update with Jennifer Archambault
    • Received three responses to the RFP
    • Next step is to try to get funding to complete the project in the next fiscal year
    • Job description work is going to be pivotal to this process
      • Needs to be completed prior to analysis
      • Currently have 190 different job descriptions for staff
      • Reduce number of job descriptions and have “addendums” that are more specific to that role
    • Want to move from current system to a market-based classification system
      • Pay bands are based on the value of the work
    • Desire to move toward transparency with pay bands, job descriptions, etc.
      • Can we provide people with their new range and where they fall into that range?
      • Can we begin posting pay bands online?
      • How can we evaluate where hires should fall in the pay band based on previous experience
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