Pet Parade

We have so many wonderful four-legged “coworkers” at Champlain College! Thank you to all who submitted. Scroll below to enjoy the Pet Parade!

Email if your photo did not make it onto the post and we will add it!

Philo & Todd Still
Mary Still
“They say not all relationships will survive quarantine…”
The Lord Brothers
Genevieve Lord
“Together we will make it!”
Marv Lewis
Veronica Lewis
“Mom works, I nap. And occasionally get belly rubs.”
Lisa Bilowith
Kenzie Scribner
Shaylea Scribner
Kenzie the Goldendoodle waiting for yoga to start!
Callie, Maggie and Marshall Peters-Ruch
Emily Peters
“My team.”
Charlotte (on the left) – Squeaker (on the right) [Palmer]
Roland Palmer
“Busy day at the office!”
Oliver and Rosecoe (Burke)
Erica Burke
Erica Donnis
Doug Conlon
Annemarie Conlon
“Doug is ready for his close-up.”
Rachel Lavallee
“Cooper with my favorite moose.”
Ozzy Emery
Ellen Emery
“Just love me!”
Bazinga and Guster Godwin
Lindsey Godwin
“Cats don’t follow any rules….including social distancing.”
Levi L’Esperance
Danielle L’Esperance
“Yes, I know I’m cute, and yes, I will take full advantage.”
Buddha Kerr
Nancy Kerr
“Grading is Hard WORK!!!! Gotta Sleep!!”
Fiona Young
Elaine Young
“Fiona in a field of dandelions last summer.”
Penelope Jo Kelly
Reese Kelly
Clover Erickson
Christina Erickson
“Looking over Shelburne Bay.”
Walter Kreigh
Anna Kreigh
Heidi-Fern Ion
Brynn Ion
Peso Meenan
Erin Meenan
“Couch Potato!”
Remi Moulton
Kelsea Moulton
Shelley Schubert
Rebecca Schubert
“I told Santa exactly what I want this year…a long walk everyday.”
Snickers Masse Hyldburg
Angela Hyldburg
“Love you sweetie kitty!!”
Bolinas (Bo) Beveridge
Christie Beveridge Howell
“Cooling off at Mills Riverside Park.”
Bean Luhr
Adri Luhr
“Humans are exhausting!”
Laurie Quinn
Sally Quinn Sutherland
Mikah Mapp-Swem
Becky Swem
“Cat relaxing while humans working.”
Orkie Brooker
Christina Brooker
“Orecchietta (Orkie) loves all the extra snuggles and apple she gets during work-from-home.”
Heidi Walker
Daphne Walker
“Making a fort!”
Chauncey and Corney Mazzariello
Lisa Mazzariello
“They don’t shed and they are quite fantastical.”
Bigby Hopkins-MacEwan
Becca Hopkins
“The happiest boi that ever did live.”
Friloubatou, Moochubatou Clayton
Diana Clayton
“Fuzzy life.”
Koa Hornig
Brie Hornig
“Say cheese!”
Noel Oppenheim
Keith Oppenheim
“Noel – Queen of the couch.”
Burton “Gus” Guster Delisle
Hilary Delisle
Casey Zeman Hale
Ellen Zeman
“Casey, the terrifying chihuaha-terrier mix, likes to hang out near the heat vent.”
Marley Maynes
Casey Maynes
“14 year old adventure dachshund camping last year!”
Cocoa Puff Bruneau
Lauren Bruneau
Lila Gauthier
Alexander Gauthier
Sparky Melchior
Elin Melchior
“Sparky perches on the back of the sofa to make sure that rabbits stay out of the flower garden and the neighbors stay off of their driveway.”
Ranger Madden
Jane Faust Madden
“The shepherd (Australian) and his sheep!”
Colette Lieberman
Jeanne M. Lieberman
Vers & Pablo
Genevieve Henry
“Did you hear that? Huh?”
Toby Batista
Angela Batista
“The sweetest and most loving companion I could have hoped for!”
Zola Mitchell
Nora Mitchell
“Zola, in honor of Emile and Gorgonzola.”
Hazel and Woodrow Peloquin
Beth Peloquin
“Chilling out on the deck ignoring the photographer.”
Cat Rounds
Hannah Rounds
“Cat is a lovely colleague (64% of the time).”
Bailey & Chico Gingras-Green
Jenn Gingras-Green
Buckshot (Foy Phillips)
Leigha Foy Phillips
Breagh Allen
Anne Allen
Sir Reginald Eddard Beauregard Annis (aka Bo)
Matthew Annis
“What? Snacks?”
Shino Frost-Wilson
Sarah Camille Wilson
“Shino likes to hang out in his fort with a bone.”
Mabel 9 yrs and Harry 10 months
Patrick Volz
“Here I am wrestling alligators.”
Penelope (Adkins)
Susan Adkins
Lady Brindle Greymane
Ryan Dunleavy
“Lady likes treats, the snow, people, kids, walks, and everything she sees. She exists to give and receive love.”
Joey aka Bubba/ Pumpkin Guy
Sarah Calnan
“He is 18 and 1/2 years old, will be 19 in November.”
Leah Miller
“Oakley is two years old.”
Leslie Van Wagner
Leslie’s aspirational pet