Champlain Cooks!

A previous blogpost included this link to provide inspiration for those interested in cooking during quarantine. In the weeks that followed, we learned how creative the community has become in the kitchen.

From baked goods, to tacos, to eggs benny…enjoy a visual sampling of some staff and faculty creations!

Mary Beth McNulty
Check out the recipe for this spicy salmon bowl:
Noah Goldblatt
Montreal Style Wood-Fired Bagels
Adapted a King Arthur recipe to make a traditional Montreal-Style bagel which were finished in an outdoor wood-fired oven. Original Recipe:
Becky Swem
Homemade garlic hummus
Sarah Jerger
Spaghetti Squash Cake with Orange Glaze
Made during her early quarantine baking spree. 🙂 Recipe:
Emily Crist
So. Many. Bagels.
One of many homemade bagels with homegrown sprouts, lox, capers, and cream cheese.
Barbara Colombo
Homemade Panda Cake
Chocolate cake with vanilla frosting and fondant for decoration
Jen Perlee
Not your 3 for $1 Ramen!!!
Homemade ramen with Korean sauna eggs (ask her about the eggs – a new favorite snack)!
Elin Melchior
Japanese Style Parfait
I added photos of our parfait inspiration from a trip to Japan when my kids were younger. The key is layers (remember Donkey from Shrek). The other important difference from a Sundae is the addition of Jello and cornflakes. We like to layer ice cream, chocolate syrup, nuts, cornflakes, and jello topping everything with whipped cream, fruit and a cookie.
Nate Walpole
Pulled Pork Eggs Benedict
#smokedpork #eggs #hollandaise #greenchileflakes #flatironpepperco #Vermont #slowfood #pitbossgrills
Christina Brooker
VT Walleye Tacos
Fresh VT fish – it’s walleye season! My parents caught, filleted, delivered all within a few hours, and I had a simple but perfect meal that evening.
Veronica Lewis
Ina Garten’s Penne* Alla Vodka
*Or any pasta you are able to find at the grocery store!