Bowl Me Over Award Winner Announcement

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Staff Council is excited to announce that Jackie Greer was chosen for this award by the previous recipient, Molly Pepper! We encourage you to check out the video of Molly announcing her decision but here are a few words about why she chose to pass this award along to Jackie: 

“It’s a very safe bet for me to say that we can all agree that Jackie is basically “Wonder Woman”. The criteria for choosing to pass the award along was that the new recipient embodies at least one of the values of Champlain’s framework. I have full confidence in saying that she represents all of them and more. I think the one that stands out the most is definitely her interconnectedness. Whether it be helping me conduct supervisor training on campus with faculty and staff, or going out to meet with outside organizations to help create more job opportunities for students … she’s always there, on top of all of her other duties.”

Congratulations, Jackie, on this well deserved award, and thank you for all that you do!