Well-being opportunities weeks of July 20th and 27th

From Rebecca Schubert, MS RDN NBC-HWC
GMHEC Employee Well-being Program Coordinator

What’s on tap for Well-Being this week and next?
 Well-Being Calendar
“What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation.” Glenn Close
July is minority mental health month and we want all of our GMHEC school faculty and staff to know that we’ve got your back to support your mental well-being.  If you’ve been struggling and want to talk to someone but not sure how to start the conversation, check out the tips from Mental Health America.  If you’re looking for some tools or resources to enhance your mental well-being or need some one on one support, we’ve got you covered. 

Cigna mental/behavioral health services are available through telemedicine.  Access licensed mental/behavioral health professionals from the comfort of your home or office. Learn more here

Your EAP is another great resource and it’s free and confidential to everyone living in your home.  Click the “EAP” button at the bottom of this page for more info and to connect to your school’s EAP services.

Happify and iPrevail are two virtual tools that are part of your Cigna suite of resources.

Happify is a free app with science-based games and activities that are designed to help you defeat negative thoughts, gain confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, increase mindfulness and emotional well-being and boost health and performance. 

iPrevail can help you overcome feelings of anxiety and loneliness, reduce negativity and feelings of depression, decrease stress from relationships, work, school and daily life and build resilience and positivity.  79% of participants saw improvements after engaging in their personalized program. We hope to see you at some of our upcoming events.

Food and Mood

Interested in learning about the impact of your diet on your mental well-being?  Join Rebecca Schubert, Registered Dietitian and learn more about the connection between what you eat, the gut microbiome and your brain.  Come away with practical strategies you can implement to enhance your mental well-being, enhance your energy and feel and look your best.  Friday, July 24th noon to 1 pm EST.  Zoom.  Meeting ID: 246 273 8284 Password: 135790

The race begins….
Connecting with others is a great way to enhance our mental well-being.  Get in on the action and join the DIEMlife “Race around the Great Western Loop” challenge.  In this challenge, participants from our four GMHEC schools and the GMHEC folks will work together to complete the Great Western Loop, a 6,875 mile trail that links together five long-distance hiking trails: the Pacific Crest Trail, the Pacific Northwest Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, the Grand Enchantment Trail, and the Arizona Trail.  Each participant on your team will be able to bike, hike, swim, paddle or engage in a host of other activities which will be converted to steps to move your team toward the finish line.  At the conclusion of the challenge all participants will be entered into a drawing to win one of ten prizes including Garmin Forerunner watches and $100 gift cards.  All participants will have an opportunity to win a prize. The challenge will begin on Monday, July 20th and will start and end at the Grand Canyon.  The challenge will conclude when the first team arrives back at the Grand Canyon.  Click here for registration details.  We hope you’ll join us!

Cultivating resilient teams
During times of challenge, hardship and stress, resilience is critical.  While individual resilience is important, most of us do not work alone but instead we work as part of a team.  In the workplace, resilient teams support individual well-being and enhance the success and satisfaction of the team members.  If you’re interested in bringing the conversation about team resilience to your team, contact Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Well-being Coordinator.  Rebecca can lead your group through a thirty minute discussion to support you in moving toward a higher level of resiliency.  Sessions can be scheduled at your convenience.  

Eating for optimal health and well-being
The Edge four part nutrition series continues on Thursdays from noon-1 pm EST though August 6th.  See the GMHEC Well-being calendar (password GMHECWell-Being) for details and zoom info for each of the upcoming sessions.

What could be better for nurturing positive emotions than spending time in nature?
The Vermont State Parks are open so this is a great time to get in on the Venture Vermont Outdoor Challenge.   Download your score sheet here.  Have a blast going the activities listed on the score sheet.  Submit your completed score sheet by October 15th and receive a VIP coin, good for free state park entry for rest of this year and all of next.

 . . .  Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) can help you with so much….addiction, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, grief and loss, violence, abuse and trauma, divorce and child custody, interpersonal relationships, sexual health, special needs resources, child and elder care, parenting support, pet care, stress and coping, adoption and new parent support, educational information and services, legal referral, debt and bankruptcy, identity theft, insurance resources, renter and landlord rights, personal injury, real estate, taxes and audits, wills and estates, budgeting resources, banking and credit, investing and taxes.  Phew….can you believe you can get access to all of that for free with just one click or phone call? Access Your EAP