Summer Fitness Fun

We asked Champlain faculty and staff to share what they’ve been doing to get outside, stay active, and enjoy the summer — these photos are sure to leave you inspired!

From Matt Huwiler: “My kids, dogs and I have been enjoying frequent backpacking trips. Here they are enjoying the sunset over Nordhouse Dunes in West MI.”

From Betsy Allen-Pennebaker: ” I’m keeping my head on straight during this stressful time by upping my mileage – new personal bests so far are a half-marathon-length run and a 35-mile ride. Given than I just turned 51 and have no actual athletic talent at all, I’m feeling great about that 🙂 And being outdoors right now is just the *best*. In the sun and fresh air, you can almost feel like things are normal! Here is the view looking out over Lake Champlain from mile 33.”

From Brynn Ion: “After-work trail rides keep the whole family feeling fit!”

From Casey Maynes: “Knife Edge trail on Mt. Katahdin which I hiked a few weeks ago.”

From Sarah Calnan: “Quick break to enjoy the view while biking the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail!”

From Erica Donnis: “Kayaking with my daughter on Lake Iroquois in Hinesburg.”

From Devin Paden: “Harvesting cucumbers…pickles?”

From Paula Willoquet-Maricondi: “Kayaking as often as the weather allows! Here in the Green River Reservoir.”

From Rebecca Schubert: “View of Mt. Washington from summit of Mt. Nancy, White Mountains, NH. My favorite place any time of year. “

From Jen Perlee: “I’ve hiked over 50 miles this summer….Enjoying an apple on the top of Killington Peak.”

From Craig Pepin: “I’ve been cycling, running, hiking, yoga. In this photo, kayaking. Placid waters for a morning paddle.”

From Gary Scudder: “Working out during the pandemic. The isolation at the Edge.”

From Sarah Camille Wilson: “From a sunset ride to check out the newly reopened causeway!”

From Ellen Emery: “Kayaking with my son and the dogs!”

From Elin Melchior: “My shorter Sparky walk takes me by the black-eyed Susan’s by my sister’s house.”