The Fruitful Gardens of Champlain

We have quite a few green thumbs among us! We hope you find the following gallery inspiring with the variety of flowers, fruits, and vegetables grown by our staff and faculty.

Sarah Camille Wilson
The vegetable garden is mainly her husband’s domain, but she helps out and is responsible for cooking and preserving everything he grows! The bounty thus far has been French Charentais melons, cucumbers, beets, turnips, onions, tomatoes, purple beans, basil, okra, and zucchini, so much zucchini…
Roland Palmer
*There is no place like home!*
The first photo is from his front yard, while the second is of a harvested Mammoth Sunflower head!
Kathy Leo-Nyquist
This Rose of Sharon is the heart of her late summer color that blooms outside her kitchen window from the end of July through November. It attracts so many hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
Jennifer Reardon
Check out her lush community garden.
Kim Moran
Pink Beauty
Linda Goodrum
Her Garden Phlox are still hanging in for the season!
Erin Meenan’s Poppies!
Diane Soboski
This is Bailey and his collection of assorted garden vegetables.
Emily Crist
Garlic, cucumbers, kale, tomatoes, beets, beans, peas, basil, chard, lettuce, and more!
Her beautiful community garden at the Intervale is her summer happy place.
Leah Miller’s Daylily
Elin Melchior
“Our bee balm has been beautiful this summer. I just this summer learned how wonderful it tastes and smells. It is sometimes called “Wild Bergamot” (think Earl Grey Tea).”
Alice Easter
Tomatoes, peppers, squash, scallions, leeks, chives, eggplants, basil, thyme, oregano, garlic, radishes, collard greens, lettuce, arugala
Brady Mueller
Cherry Tomatoes
Sweet 100 and Sweet One Million
Nadia Mitchell
Beans, tomatoes, thyme, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, …
All the goodies!
Linda Reid’s Lillies
Annemarie Conlon’s mighty sunflower
Ted Winokur
“Katie’s Garden. These were the veggies when they were just starting. My son’s girlfriend joined us in Vermont for 2 months this summer. My wife and I enjoyed the good company of Katie and our son, and Katie’s talent as a gardener. Tending the vegetable garden (and eating great veggies) became the cornerstone activity of a memorable quarantine summer for all of us.”
Devin Paden’s Garden shed art with beans and tomatoes in the background.