Wellbeing Opportunities Weeks of August 31st and September 7th

From Rebecca Schubert, GMHEC Employee Well-being Program Coordinator

What’s on tap for Well-Being over the next two weeks?The calendar is full, so check it out! The password is GMHECWell-Being.Well-Being Calendar
“The mind must be given relaxation-it will rise improved and sharper after a good break.  Just as rich fields must not be forced-for they will quickly lose their fertility if never given a break-so constant work on the anvil will fracture the force of the mind.  Constant work gives rise to a certain kind of dullness and feebleness in the rational soul.” – Seneca, On Tranquility of Mind, 17.5
Time to get moving…one of the best ways to enhance your energy is to get moving.  A short burst of physical activity will energize you, enhance your creativity, boost your immune system and help you relax.  Grab your kids or whoever is home with you and get moving with one of our daily yoga, cardio or strength training classes.  Get the details on the events calendar.  Calendar password is GMHECWell-Being.   Don’t forget to lot your activity to support your team our fitness challenge.

Beth is back!  For those of you who have been asking when Beth is going to back with her mid-day stretch sessions, the wait is over.  We are planning to have her back on the schedule no later than the second week of September (but hopefully sooner).  Be sure to check the calendar for dates and times and pop in for a quick session to work out the kinks and keep your body feeling limber and agile.  

All of a sudden, it’s feeling like fall and I’m starting to think about my cold weather physical activity plan.  Perhaps you are too and if so, we’ve got a great resource for you…a membership to The Sports and Fitness Edge.  Since 2018 GMHEC has partnered with The Edge to bring you and your family an amazing membership deal.  Get all the details here.   

Did you miss our two-part fermentation series with the dietitians from Whole Health Nutrition?  If so, and you’re interested in learning how to make yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut or kombucha, you can check out the recordings here and here.  The recipes and equipment needed are posted in the files section of our Facebook group but I’d be happy to email them to you if you’re interested. 

Jazzercise:  Want to join remote/virtual fitness classes that will improve your cardiovascular fitness, your muscle strength and tone, and your mood? Middlebury Jazzercise’s virtual classes provide a fun and uplifting workout—in the comfort and safety of your home! GMHEC members receive a discount on a monthly membership for these classes—get access to 6 weekly live-streamed classes from Middlebury Jazzercise instructors PLUS 3 weekly live-streamed classes from Jazzercise Inc. instructors for just $15/month! Join today by emailing middleburyjazzercise@gmail.com or calling Amy Collier at 802-377-7793.  This offer is good through 12/31/20.

Minimizing worry to maximize your life:  We’ve got a lot on our minds lately and rightly so, but chronic worry can lead to physical and mental health difficulties including stress-related illnesses, generalized anxiety disorder and depression.  In this webinar, we will assist you in analyzing the root cause of worry and identify strategies to break the cycle of worry.  Click here to access this pre-recorded webinar.  Scroll down to “Pre-recorded webinar archive” and “Minimizing Worry to Maximize Your Life”.  Brought to you by New Directions Behavioral Health, your EAP provider.  To access the New Directions website, Middlebury and MIIS employees will use code Middlebury College, Champlain employees use code Champlain College, St. Michael’s employees use code smcvt.  
You might be surprised at just how much GMHEC and your school have to support your well-being.  Check out our school specific resource guides here.  If you’re interested in a quick, fifteen minute tutorial of all that we have to offer, join me 8:30 am EST on Tuesday, September 8th or 3:30 pm EST on Thursday, September 10th.   Zoom meeting password 135790.  Or, reach out to me at Rebecca.schubert@gmhec.org and I’d be happy to attend one of your department meetings to share the info with your team. 
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