Communications & Engagement Committee Meeting Notes 9/30/20

Attended: Sarah Camille, Lesile Van Wagner, Hannah Cartmel

  • Picking a meeting time that will work for everyone.
    • SCW will reach out to the group to propose the last Monday of the month at 2 pm starting 10/26 and going forward.
  • Blog Topics for upcoming posts?
    • Halloween Decorations
    • Leaf peeping and fall activities
    • Good/positive life updates (having kids, getting married, buying a house, etc.)
    • Winter traditions
    • Cozy recipes/comfort food/ hygge
    • Introduce new staff hired since March.
    • SCW will create a blog post planning sheet in the C & E google folder
  • Recruiting New Staff Ambassadors:
    • SCW will reach out to Lauren Bruneau, Christie Howell, Caroline Toy, and Christina Brooker (Update: Lauren already accepted!)
    • Hannah will reach out to a couple of people in OIE
  • New committee members?
    • Leslie will reach out to Tim White to see if he is interested in joining C & E
  • Video explaining the different committees and what they do, to share at SC meeting and on blog? 
    • SCW will bring this to exec meeting next week
  • Hannah: Could we use InSpace to mingle at the end of the next SC meeting? People really seemed to like the informal mingling aspect of breakout rooms at the last meeting.
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