Communications and Engagement Meeting Notes 10/26/20

Attended: Emily Rudolph, Hannah Cartmel, Leslie Van Wagner, Sarah Camille Wilson

  • Blog Topics:
    • Extend the deadline for the Halloween post to Thursday 10/29 to give people more time to decorate and submit. Post will be published Thursday or Friday.
    • Video from welfare committee will go up on the blog this week.
    • New blog post ideas:
      • Photos/screenshots from Staff Halloween Events
      • Holiday crafts/homemade holiday gifts
  • Post Election- What can we do?
    • Pre/Post election self care blog post.
      • SCW will reach out to Kim Quinn to ask her to contribute some self care tips.
      • We will ask everyone on C & E to contribute at least one self-care tip.
    • Post-election gathering on Wednesday morning.
      • Call it “Coffee (not politics):Join your colleagues to talk about anything but the election and to support one another after a late night on Tuesday.
      • Schedule for 11 am
      • Ask Shaylea or Jared to send invite to all staff
      • Ask Shaylea if we can use her zoom account.
      • SCW will be there the whole time, Emily, Hannah, and Leslie will come for as much as they can.
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