Last Friday, the Staff Networking Committee hosted both an In Person and an InSpace Halloween party and costume contest! A great time was had by all who attended. Scroll down to see the costumes, and find out who won!

Jared Cadrette, Kelsey O’Connor (& Maple), Lisa Mazzariello, Nick Pillsbury, & Bridget Grim as “Sad Patriots Fans”.
Kelsey O’Connor and her adorable dog, Maple!
Leslie Averill as David Provost
The individual costumes, assembled. From left to right: Leslie Averill, Christina Brooker, Sarah Camille Wilson, Danielle L’Esperance, and Celia Dehais.
Celia Dehais as Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.
Danielle L’Esperance as a Greek Goddess.
Christina Brooker as The Ringleader of the Circus.
Sarah Camille Wilson as “Person in the background of a Jane Fonda Workout Tape.”
The Admissions Team as “Characters who wear flannel.”
The participants in the InSpace party: Diane Soboski, Becca Hopkins, Brielle Hansen, Hannah Cartmel, Kaylee Sullivan, Hannah Rounds, Jerome Holland, Nic Anderson, Jessa Karki, and Lida Ghamsari

Costume Contest Winners: InSpace: Nic Anderson (Viking) and Jerome Holland (mad scientist). In person: Group costume, Student Engagement Team (Sad Patriots Fans) and individual, Christina Brooker (Circus Ringleader).