Champlain Lights the Way

Governor Scott has asked Vermonters to decorate our homes with lights this December, as a way to celebrate with our community and spread holiday cheer during these dark months when we can’t gather to celebrate. In this spirit, many Champlainers are decorating up a storm this year, showing everyone that Champlain Lights the Way! 

Have a peaceful, warm, and glowing holiday season, from the Communications & Engagement Committee!

Danielle Altenburg
“Lots of lights! :)”
Kristin Novotny
“This year, my cat Nutmeg keeps insisting on infiltrating my tree, with the following results.”
Robin Collins
“We decorated our front yard tree in mid-November this year and our neighbors were so inspired they decorated their trees too.”
Ellen Emery
Becky Swem
“First holiday in our new home, so even though we aren’t visiting family this year, we decorated inside and outside to feel festive.”
Ricky Padgett
“We added blue lights as a symbol of “hope” for 2021!”
Hannah Rounds
“Tried out the ol’ Porch Zig-Zag this year—that’s gonna be a keeper for us. We have plans for expansion next year. Our stretch goal is to light up a pine tree that’s off the left side of this photo, but we’ll have to get creative if we want to reach the top. (That’s not a metaphor, it’s just a tall tree.)”
Jennifer Archambault
“Our sunroom is the collective happy place in our house and this year we worked to make it extra special!”
Kellie Nadeau “We added the Grinch stealing the lights to add a bit of humor to 2020”
Roz Whitaker-Heck “We decorated the sun porch door with a traditional red bow wreath, the threshold has pine roping and a white, seeded garland accented with giant red bows. We repurposed a metal garden rack as a package drop off station complete with a basket of snacks for the USPS, FedEx, UPS and Instacart delivery s/heros.”
Elin Melchior
“We got out all 75+ sets of my mother’s creche collection! We have our first Christmas tree in over 35 years and my daughter decorated it. She did let me knit two ornaments for it to celebrate my two college students.”
Jen Perlee
“Trees and new this year a large wreath both made by my husband. And of course lights!”
Nic Anderson
“Lots of lights. Used upside down tomato cages to create a mini light tree garden and hoisted a star up high. Im a big fan of white lights and consider them winter lights that I keep going all season, not just this month (in fact the icicle ones may still be up from last winter…).’
Sarah Camille Wilson
“Happy Holidays from my dog, Shino. He loves the Christmas tree!”
Veronica Lewis
“My 3 boys enjoying the glow from our tree. Marv & Harry have barely moved since we brought it in and we’re thankful they have yet to climb it. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you all!”