During these dark and cold winter days, Champlainers have been finding lots of ways to stay warm and cozy, or Hygge.

Roland Palmer
“Wrapped in my new rainbow Champlain College blanket!”
Flavio Rizzo
“Professor Veruska Cantelli translating poetry in our Japanese room, while a gentle snow dances around sweet Burlington. Need I say more? Quintessential Hygge unfolding.”
Jen Adrian
“Dressing warm!”
Betsy Allen-Pennebaker
“Fuzzy socks, fleecy pajamas, a shag rug, and a cozy heater!”
Tanya Lee Stone
“My sidekick Barney ups the cozy factor by a million!”
Veronica Lewis
“Our little family has been enjoying some cross-country skiing around our neighborhood and little Walter often uses it as an opportunity to take another nap. Coming back inside after a ski makes our warm house feel extra cozy!”
Jared Cadrette
“I am so happy to have my own latte machine. Nothing beats a Maple Latte on a cold snowy day!”
Leslie Van Wagner
“Tea parties by the fire with my grandson–trucks and books invited!”
Roz Whitaker-Heck
“I’m staying cozy by reminiscing about the funny times from pre-COVID visits with my amazingly handsome and smart 4-year-old nephew in Virginia.”
Kevin Duerr
“We rehabbed our non-functional fireplace by putting in an electric insert and building a new beam mantle!”