Get to know some of our new colleagues!

Rachael Warren
Senior Content Marketing Specialist on the marketing team for Champlain College Online.

Rachael has visited 17 countries in her life (so far)
She is left-handed.
she lives in Maine with her husband and their two dogs near Sebago Lake.
Cody Campbell
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

He makes a lot of puns, is left-handed, and has his own cooking Instagram!
Blair Bean (She/Her)
Undergraduate Admissions Counselor

Blair is a dancer.
She used to work in the concert industry.
In her free time, she enjoys riding her bike to Burlington’s public parks.
Jason Ehlers
Professional Services Director @ The Leahy Center for Digital Forensics & Cybersecurity

Jason is a retired Information Assurance Marine.
He has been involved with the Leahy Center since 2013.
Jason is a double Alumnus of Champlain College Online.

Katie Barry
Senior Operations and Enrollment Coordinator

Katie went to college in Vermont and absolutely loves the Burlington area. Her favorite parts include farmers markets, waterfront sunsets, hockey games, and the food scene (and is a big fan of Athens Diner).
She enjoys escape rooms and strategy games such as Catan, Codenames, and Splendor.
House Hunters is one of her favorite shows, and she actually made a cameo at the end of an episode!
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