Welfare Committee Meeting Minutes 4/1/21

  • Job description project update:
    • We will not be sticking to the 6-month timeline for project completion but we WILL continue to work on this project.
    • It is important work but we need folks at the top who understand and move this project forward.
  • People Center VP:
    • The plan is to hire to fill the VP role, but to focus first on the provost search and increasing enrollment.
    • We feel very strongly that this position should be replaced. 
    • All staff and faculty need and deserve an advocate at the VP level to ensure a direct line of communication & information.
  • Return to Work / Return to Campus:
    • We DO need to rebuild our community for our students and ourselves but should incorporate the lessons learned from working in a remote environment to include flexibility.
    • Most recent VPAA Forum was very valuable and had a lot of information about budget, return to work, COVID, etc. 
      • Staff that were in this meeting would like this information shared in a Town Hall.
      • Shaylea has reached out to folks to present all this information to Staff Council as well.  
      • Dave expressed his intent to reinstate the retirement benefit and employee raises to the Board at their June meeting. 
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