Spring Meltdown & Champlain College Giving Day!

Congratulations to our students! They have made it through the semester and only a few finals are between them and a much-deserved summer break.

For everyone, it was an arduous year. However, in true Champlain form, we dug deep, we worked hard, we helped each other – and, more than anything, we dared! Today we are also celebrating the power of coming together as one for Champlain’s first annual Day of Giving.

“Giving Day: We Are One Champlain” is a celebration of awareness and gratitude for the impact we make as individuals and the connections we have to each other.

Check out to see who is on the leaderboard, as groups from across campus are raising funds to support a wide variety of initiatives — from Montreal, Dublin, to student organizations in Burlington. Or tune into the live broadcast on April 30th at 3:30pm on the Alumni Facebook page. Remember, each of you makes a difference in our community, and together, We Are One Champlain.