The You Bowl Me Over Award’s Summer Vacation

We hope that everyone got a chance to enjoy some fun and relaxing vacation time this summer. We’re happy to say that the You Bowl Me Over Award was spotted on vacation all over Vermont and beyond this summer! Take a look below to see some of it’s adventures.

Sunbathing on Lake Champlain
Sightseeing in Philadelphia with Jared and his husband!
Danielle went out for afternoon tea, and was surprised to find the award being featured as a special on the menu.
We were truly astonished to hear that the bowling pin made its way all the way to New Mexico, where it was spotted by Kaylee on a beautiful hike!
The award enjoyed more beach time in South Carolina with Shaylea.
And caught the Independence Day fireworks over Lake Champlain with Tara and her family
And then Tara and her kid spotted it again on a fun hike!
Apparently it is a fan of hiking, because it was also spotted all the way at the top of Jay Peak with Sarah Camille’s dog Shino!
The bowling pin did not want to be outshone by Veronica and her young relative’s handstand skills!
Ever mindful of the importance of community, it made its way back to campus in time for the July R/Evolution event.

Tune in at Staff Council in September to find out where the award will go next!

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