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Staff Council is pleased to announce that the winner of the October 2021 You Bowl Me Over Award is the SMART Space Team! Congratulations, Lauren, Leslie, Megan, Heidi, and Diana!
You bowl us over!

Lauren Bruneau

Leslie Van Wagner
Megan Sheldon
Heidi St. Peter
Diana Clayton

The SMART Space Team was chosen by the September winner, Erin Ferarra!

You can hear more about why Erin chose to pass the award to the SMART Space Team in this video.

The You Bowl Me Over Award passes from peer-to-peer among staff and faculty at Champlain College. Winners are announced at Staff Council Meetings and the Staff Council Blog. Winners pass the award to a colleague or team they wish to recognize for their outstanding work, and who embodies one or more of the values in the Champlain 2030 Strategic Plan: 

Innovation: We anticipate the future so that our students can thrive in dynamic conditions and pursue purposeful careers. 

Engaged Learning: We are committed to learning as a path to achieve meaningful work and personal fulfillment.

Human Touch: We are a welcoming community who values inclusive teamwork, diverse individual strengths, having fun at work, and wellness.

Practicality: We provide deeply experiential, professional education. 

Interconnectedness: We connect with people and places, from the local to the global, expanding bonds outwards for our students from alumni to employers.

Integrity: We honor strong ethics with the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, and pride in our work and towards each other.

Tune in at Staff Council in November to learn who Lauren, Leslie, Megan, Heidi, and Diana will pass the award forward to…

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