Communications & Engagement Committee Meeting 10/26/21

Tuesday, October 26th 2021

Attending: Veronica Lewis, Marita Martin, Sarah Camille Wilson

  • Happy to welcome 10 new Staff Ambassadors!
  • Attending next new employee orientation 11/16
  • SCW & VL reorganized and cleaned up the CE folder after Roland transferred ownership.
  • SCW & VL met with Cooper Fellows to plan to migrate to new blog platform. For some reason email subscriptions are still working, but apparently they shouldn’t be and could go away at any time.
  • SCW and VL cleaned up the existing posts and categorized them in preparation for blog migration and redesign.
  • YBMO Award
    • Award was originally conceived as a peer-to-peer award, we thought it would happen in person with fanfare and pomp and circumstance- team breakfast etc. COVID necessitated move to remote presentation.
    • We like that we transitioned it to Staff Council Meetings- better public recognition. 
    • Sometimes it is hard to single out one person for recognition when a whole team is involved.
    • Individual recognition can feel more meaningful.
    • We can see advantages to giving the award to both teams and individuals.
  • PC projects that C&E committee can help with
    • Maybe partner with PC and DEIB committee to organize professional development opportunities around DEIB, with in-house hosts.
    • Changed over website, worked with Brian Andrews, building out our GlassDoor profiles. Tap us to be outside eyes on the language for recruitment efforts. 
  • Another book club? Maybe pairing with Networking Committee? Or DEIB Committee?
    • Possible Champlain connection with the author of Caste. She could do some outreach to see if she could do something interactive with us. Perhaps in the spring?
    • VL will bring this to SC exec next week, see what DEIB co-chairs say. If that doesn’t seem feasible, we can discuss what other books we might want to use for a book club.
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