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Staff Welfare and Advocacy Meeting Minutes

February 17, 2022

1. Debrief Staff Forum w/ Pres & Cabinet & other thoughts

     Is there anything we want follow-up on that we can share w/ Leslie and Sara?

  • Having unvaxxed visitors could put enrollment management division at risk.
  • Format successful, staff seemed engaged, got good questions- (loved the socks).
  • Appreciated that we might see movement on some issues we have discussed for a long time.
  • Clumping together seemed to wash out some of the questions.
  • CCO question about integration was meant to be about community not programmatically.
  • Some disappointment that we only heard from Dave, would have loved to hear from cabinet as well and have different voices.
  • Appreciated the question about living wages, what kind of employer do we want to present to the world as? Do we or do we not want to be a justice-based employer when it comes to wages? 

2. Chats w/ SWAC – move forward or table for now?

  • Table until next time

3. Professional Development Day Planning 

  • Full day or a different format? Sara recalls it might have been difficult for some areas.
  • Might that be solved if the afternoon mirrors the morning? Or virtual options? Or offer bits spread out over time?
  • Feels more impactful if it’s just one day?
  • What if we video some or all of the presentations where appropriate. 
  • What if we have a Prof devel day website?
  • Day of Service vs Prof Dev Day? Can we do two all day events? We have in the past. We shouldn’t shortchange one event in favor of the other. 
  • Graduation is May 14, avoid that timeframe
  • What about Tuesday June 14 for Prof Devel Day? Leslie will check with Cabinet on the date. 
  • Shaylea and Leslie will talk with Staff Council Exec and others about recognition day/service day. 
  • Christina will spearhead the service day.
  • Budget – Sara will get back to us about a budget for Prof Development Day.
  • Keep filling in the shared doc for workshop ideas.
  • Schedule a meeting before next regular SWAC meeting to move forward with planning.

4. Job descriptions – Can we help, do we have the capacity to help?

  • Table until next time

5. Committee Recruitment 

  • Table until next time

6. Leslie Averill Updates

  • Leslie would welcome feedback about the forum with Pres. 
  • CCO integration with Trad – question was referring to culture not programs, Dave answered it from a programmatic lens – so many people on campus don’t even know who works in CCO.
  • Would have liked to hear from Cabinet.
  • Clumping questions made it so some questions didn’t get answered.
  • Leslie shared that many of our questions created movement on some of the issues. 
  • Shaylea said we can revisit questions through staff council meetings.
  • Summer classes for staff created thought movement at the cabinet level.
  • Leslie suggested that we may be looking at changes in our masking policies or at least have the conversation and looking for committee feedback.

       –    A couple of committee members shared that they would likely continue to wear   

            masks even if campus mask mandate is lifted .

      –    A worry that the city and state might lift mask requirements before we are ready.

      –   The Committee members are very appreciative of the masking policy on campus.

      –    It’s important that Champlain show continued support of high risk employees   

                        (and their families) and students by supporting masking as well as those 

 employees with young children who still are unable to get the vaccine.

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