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FREE exercise class at The Edge for CC employees

Strength and Core Wednesdays 7-7:45 am at The Edge/Twin Oaks 142 Twin Oaks Terrace Free for Champlain College employees A total body strength building class, emphasizing the powerhouse core. All movement involves the core so we give it special attention! We use weights, bands, balls and our body weight to challenge our body at each […]

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On Halloween, Staff Networking Committee hosted a potluck lunch and costume contest.

The award for best group costume went to Admissions. This creative group dressed as the days of the week!

Best individual costume went to Alice Easter:

The level of detail in Alice’s costume was amazing!

See the photos below for many more marvelous costumes from this fun event!

Communications & Engagement Meeting notes 11/18/19

11/18/19 Attended: Nic Anderson, Marita Martin, Roland Palmer, Elin Melchior, Mim Trippany, Sarah Camille, Veronica Lewis (via phone) Staff ambassador program Anyone else on the committee want to be an ambassador? Mimi was added to the list and Nic was re-added New employee orientation lunch in IDX cafeteria dates are already scheduled does anyone want […]

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Communications & Engagement Meeting Notes 10/28/19

Notes from SCW and Veronica’s meeting with Jennifer Archambault and Sara Quintana. Priorities Message for new staff Staff recognition: what is most meaningful? Anything happening in your departments that we could replicate and grow?  Open to having a person from our committee attending all staff orientation. Make sure that we create a positive message.  Next […]

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Staff Welfare Committee Meeting 10/16/19

Staff Welfare Committee Agenda October 16, 2019 1:30PM, Lakeside Room 101   Present: Jessa Karki, Kellie Nadeau, Arianna Andrewes, Grace Curley, Christina Erickson, Jen Adrian, Neil Preston, Alyssa Helme, Danielle L’Esperance, Jean-Marie Severance   True Colors Personality Assessment What is True Colors? Take the assessment How is this helpful in our work on this committee? […]

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Staff Welfare Committee Meeting 9/18/19

  Staff Welfare Agenda/Minutes September 18, 2019   Present: Kellie Nadeau, Christina Erickson, Danielle L’Esperance, Arianna Andrewes, Grace Curley, Linda Goodrum, Jean-Marie Severance   1-2    Jennifer Archambault & Debra Dayman – Benefits changes See forms sent by Jennifer through Jean-Marie All employees will be required  to meet w/ “counselor” to help us understand the […]

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Communication and Engagement Meeting 9/23/19

Icebreaker: Names and origin of names Confirm timing & location: Fourth Monday at 1:30 pm? (October 28th) Yes, this works! Meetings will be scheduled for that time. Next meeting will be at Lakeside We hope to have a representative from the People Center, and this is supported by Jennifer Archimbault. A decision has not been […]

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